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A collection of branding projects.

Que Molleja is a restaurant located in Panama that specializes in food from Maracaibo, a city in Venezuela which gastronomic culture is very unique and eccentric, the branding took a fun and playful approach something that characterizes people from Maracaibo, using colloquial phrases and slangs from the city to give the brand its uniqueness.

KmPlus is a lab located in China that manufactures medicine for its distribution in different countries of latin america, the logo mixes health and chemical symbologies, as well as the colors and visuals that were used to transmit peace, cleanliness and professionalism which it's the brand's core.

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Rebranding project made for Survivors Pathway, a  non for profit organization providing services to LGBTQ victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other types of victimization in the Latino communities of Miami. Colors and art direction represent the LGBTQ community without falling into same conventions of rainbows and glitter, which has been overused by other brands.

Illustrations were made to make awareness of problems these communities face and that this organization seeks to help with.

The Hoppeneer is a brewery based in Argentina, owned by a couple of engineers that use their science knowledge to craft best beer in their neighborhood with use of the finest ingredients, the logo created is a fusion of atoms and barley leaves that represents the brand itself.

Within Health is a revolutionary way for the millions of people who suffer from eating disorders to receive clinically superior continuous care attuned to their needs–whoever the are, wherever they live and whatever form their eating disorder takes–built to work where real life happens, at home.

The brand name, positioning, tone, visual style guide and logo mark were developed for the brand.

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Branding campaign was created for Shutterfly Premium. This new collection was targeted to people looking for a more high-end range of products.

A Premium card has the following:​ Luxe Double Thick Paper (New)​, Personalized Foil Paper​, Foil Stamped Paper​ and Glitter Paper​

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