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No more cages!

Role: Creative / Art Director

This Miscellaneous Design is a satire of totalitarianism, inspired in the novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell. We made a parody to the tone and some concepts of the Stalinist discourse and transfer the meaning into a campaign for cage free eggs. For us, this campaign is about reflecting the empowerment of the hens that freed from their cages and farmers will be able to be happier and therefore they will produce even more eggs.

Creativity International Awards

Best of Show Winner 2018 (Packaging)

Silver Winner 2018

Summit Creative Awards

Bronze Winner 2018

Top Dog

Golden Paw Winner

These eggs are 100% Cage free.

The Reggolution Egss not only ensure an environment of happiness for the hens to lay their eggs, but also offers a space of empowerment. Our product is the result of the constant overcoming of these animals that are building their freedom.

The time has come to break those bars and fight for a better world, where each hen can walk freely on farms and produce more every day. With or without farmer WE WILL LAY EGGS!

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