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Election day

Trader Joe's

Normally when you shop for food, you look at items that are discounted. But who makes these discounts? And why are they never for the items you really love? Shouldn’t discounts be decided by the people?

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Two selected Trader Joes signature products will battle out for the title of "Trader's Best", seeking to win an election that will take place at the end of the month after weeks of "campaigning" in-stores and in

social media.


People all across the US will be able to vote for their favorite "candidate" in a landing page established by Trader Joe's, the winner product is going to have a 50% discount on all Trader Joes stores nationwide for a determined amount of time.

Panfletos -07.png

Two "candidate" products will be unveiled, alongside with an in and out store

advertisement campaign. 

Our website is available for you to access and vote for your favorite candidate. On the last days of the month, the voting will close and the winner will be revealed.

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Different recipes using the products (Candidates) will be posted in social media for you to decide which one is the better fit for you.

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