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Free Radicals:

Search Responsibly

Advertising Agency: Alma DDB, Miami, FL

Role: Creative / Digital Art Director.

Search Responsibly an idea which exposes the pitfalls of hateful internet searches and aims to prevent recruitment to violent extremist groups via paid search.

Webby Awards:

Online Guerrilla & Innovation - Finalist  2019

Digital Campaigns - Finalist  2019

Adweek's Project Isaac Awards:

Gold - Best Practices: Data Invention

Gold - Marketing and Advertising: Brand Performance Invention

The One Show

Creative Use of Data Winner 2019

Life after hate-16.png

We identified keywords and created ads that would appeal to at-risk individuals leading them to, which is designed to slowly introduce facts to the user to sway them in a positive direction. Visitors were also retargeted on social media once they had been to the site.

The internet search bar is today’s ultimate confessional. Unfiltered, people turn to the internet to search for things they’re ashamed to say out loud. Violence-based extremist groups use these searches to identify potential new members and lure them into rabbit holes of propaganda, conspiracies, and fake news sites – ultimately recruiting them.

We drove individuals to our website by creating Google Search Ads with headlines that mimic extremist messages.

As users scrolled, we showed how searches like  theirs have been precursor to violent outcomes.

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Visitors were also retargeted on social media once they had been to the site.

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