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Canserbero Tribute

Canserbero was a Venezuelan hip hop singer and songwriter from Caracas. He was one of the most significant interpreters of non-commercial rap in his country and Latin America. At the end of January 2015, Canserbero was found dead after having fallen from the apartment where he was resident. 

This poster was made as a tribute to him.


jama y wifi!

Lo que hace falta es 

Panfilo is a personality in Cuba, his image caused humor and controversy among the inhabitants of the island, his video expressing his displeasure towards the situation of the country with his popular cry: Lo que hace falta es jama! was one of the most viral in Cuba, even though the internet was being blocked by the government.


I decided to use his expression and his phrase as a base in the poster, in order to make Panfilo a symbol of rebellion and protest against the Cuban government.

Cuba Internet Freedom Conference Winner: Recognition for Wit And Satire.

Villa Rosa

Film Poster

Poster made for a documentary film which story focus on Caibarién, a fishing village north of Cuba, has become one of the most widely accepted areas of sexual diversity on the island.

- Poster exhibited in the Fort Lauderdale's Stonewall Museum on may 2018


Survivors Pathway

Posters made for Survivors Pathway, a  non for profit organization providing services to LGBTQ victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other types of victimization in the Latino communities of Miami.

- Graphis New Talent Silver

- Creativity International Awards (Print) Bronze

Winner 2018

- Top Dog Paw Winner 

Salo o le 120

Giornate di Sodoma

I took the challenge to create an illustration poster for one of the most notorious and controversial films ever made.

The film focuses on four wealthy, corrupt Italian libertines, during the time of the fascist Republic of Salò (1943–1945). The libertines kidnap eighteen teenagers and subject them to four months of extreme violence, sadism and sexual and mental torture


Rosemary's Baby

Poster made for Rosemary's baby a culturally, historically film which chronicles the story of a pregnant woman who suspects that an evil cult wants to take her baby for use in their satanic rituals.

The style used for the poster is inspired by Saul Bass.

Sexilio: Cuban Queer

Diaspora film poster

Poster for Sexilio, a documentary film in development which story centers on the cuban queer diaspora. Thousands of innocent people who were expelled from their country just for their sexual orientation.

The movie was selected for a Sundance

Documentary Workshop

- Top Dog Paw Winner 

- Creativity International Awards (Print)  Bronze Winner 2018

Mental Health Tarot


Tarot cards made for people struggling with mental health issues.


Jagged Little Pill 

Album covers for Alanis Morissette's Iconic Pop-Rock Album Jagged Little Pill, the lyrics of the songs touch upon themes of aggression and unsuccessful relationships.

Cover design made for a poetry book.

de un Verso

En las Alas

Humpty Dumpty

Book cover design made for Humpty Dumpty, a character in an English nursery rhyme, originally a riddle and one of the best known in the English-speaking world.

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