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Holiday 2022


Client: Shutterfly

Role: Creative / Digital Art Director.

The Holidays'are an important time for Shutterfly, which is why a new look & feel was created for this quarter.

Outlined in the emails bellow, you can see some of the changes we have implemented: a singular color palette that flexes through the season; a photography style that balances lifestyle and product as well as new background textures.


It’s all the creativity you love about Shutterfly and the holidays — with a refined touch.



Email Design System

SMB: (Small Marketing Banner) 

Primary Module:

Can include promo or marketing messages. A headline and a button are required. Images and subcopy should also be included for context and to create an emotional connection. This sets up the storytelling for the email.

Also referred to as ‘Hero.’

Secondary Modules:

Multiple secondary modules can be included if they serve the purpose and hierarchy of the email theme. These modules are to further tell the story and drive to specific products or landing pages.

WF394809_SY_CRM_Q422_1117_Cards Sale_11_04_22 Copy 4-01.png

Recovery Modules:

Additional offers are presented.


WF397200_SY_CRM_Q422_1105_Free Cards Festive Faves-01.png
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