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Series of videos promoting HBO's new streaming platform, HBO Max.

NUBE 2-04.png
NUBE 2-04.png

Partnership between Shutterfly and Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo, listed as one of Time's "100 most influential people."


Clean and beautiful  creative work produced for one of Shutterfly's most important celebrations.


An idea which exposes the pitfalls of hateful internet searches and aims to prevent recruitment to violent extremist groups via paid search.

Webby Awards:

- Online Guerrilla & Innovation - Finalist  2019

- Digital Campaigns - Finalist  2019

Adweek's Project Isaac Awards:

Gold - Best Practices: Data Invention

Gold - Marketing and Advertising: Brand Performance Invention

The One Show - Creative Use of Data Winner 2019


Eggs are a basic ingredient in Hellmann's mayonnaise, and they are incredibly nutritious. But, what happens to the eggshells?

D&AD New Blood Pencil Winner 2018

Creative Conscience Award Finalist / Outstanding

Miami Ad School Top Dog Best of Show Winner 2018

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LIGHT RED-05.png

When binge watching your favorite show your brain produces dopamine and your body experiences a drug-like high.

Clio Health Bronze Winner 2018

Miami ADDYS 4th District Best Of Show Winner 2018

National ADDYS Winner 2018

Miami ADDYS 4th District Gold Winner 2018

Miami ADDYS Local Silver Winner 2018

Creativity International Awards Bronze Winner 2018

Young Ones Student Award Merit Winner 2018

Summit Creative Awards Student Campaign Silver Winner 2018

Graphis New Talent Gold Award 2018

Miami Ad School Top Dog Best of Show Winner 2018

NUBE 2-04.png
PILLS .png
RED BACK-01.png

This Miscellaneous Design is a satire of totalitarianism, inspired in the novel Animal Farm, written by George Orwell.

Creativity International Awards (Packaging) Best of Show Winner 2018

Summit Creative Awards Student Campaign Bronze Winner 2018

Creativity International Awards Silver Winner 2018

Miami Ad School Top Dog Paw Winner 2018

CIELO 1-03.png

A collection of branding projects.

MARKER trans.png
WIX blue-29.png

A collection of posters design and book covers.


Fort Laudardale's Stonewall Museum Exhibition 2018

Miami Ad School Tod Dog Paw Winner 2018 x2

Cuba Internet Freedom Winner: Recognition for Wit And Satire 2017

Graphis New Talent Silver Award 2018

CIELO 1-03.png

Nidal Koteich is an award winning art director looking for innovative and fun ideas. Usually blending graphic design with hilarious or absurd concepts that move away from common places and always finding simple or straightforward solutions similar to the summary you are now reading.


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